We are committed to the future of our clients' businesses and the health, production and welfare of their livestock. Our aim is to provide a high quality, cost effective and proactive service.

We have 3 bases : Glynhebog(Llysonnen Road), Carmarthen Livestock Market, and Teifi, near Eglwyswrw. We have a sheep and calf treatment facilities at Glynhebog and Teifi available throughout the year.

Vet Services

  • Regular routine fertility visits
  • Mastitis investigation and dynamic parlour testing equipment
  • 'Calf Tracker' - optimising the health and performance of youngstock
  • DairyComp305 and Total Vet packages
  • Laparoscope for keyhole LDA's
  • In house lab tests; rapid results for faecal egg counts, fluke sampling, Vet Rapid Mastitis sampling, somatic cell count, Vet Test, calf scour check
  • Bull and ram fertility testing
  • Mobility scoring
  • Heifer weighing scales
  • Cattle foot trimming crush
  • Well-equipped lambing shed and calf treatment facilities
  • Pelvic scoring to assess calving ease in heifers
  • Embryo transfer - stopper embryos

Vet Technician Services

  • Foot trimming with crush
  • Disbudding
  • Mobility scoring
  • Teat scoring
  • Rumen fill monitoring
  • Heifer weighing
  • Genomic sampling
  • Blood sampling
  • We are continually investing in our facilities, equipment and knowledge.