ProStock Vets was founded in March 2011.

  • Progressive approach to livestock health and Production for the 21st century. We like to deliver a Proactive, Professional and value for money service. The three partners Anuschka Marsman, Cath Tudor and Sam Fenemore have over 40 years of combined experience ranging from stints in North America to New Zealand and Cardigan to Carmarthen.
  • We use our experience to improve the health and welfare of your livestock and focus on maximising the Production and Profit from your herds and flocks.
  • We are Proud to Provide a dedicated farm animal service with total commitment to Welsh agriculture, catering for all sizes from large enterprises to family farms and smallholders alike.
  • We Promise to supply animal medications to our registered clients at market leading rates, which we will continually monitor.
  • We do everyday ("Proper") veterinary work including fertility routines, treating individual animals needing veterinary attention, TB testing, castrating and dehorning.